A new interim director has been named for a section of Iowa State University’s extension service. He’s got the job any boy would like. Dr Donald Lewis is a bug expert — an entomologist who’s worked at ISU extension for a quarter of a century. Now he’ll head the extension Agriculture and Natural Resources program.On radio, by phone, in classrooms and local presentations, Lewis has answered questions about city and country bugs and watched new ones appear in Iowa. As for whether this temporary position will become permanent, Lewis says only that the interim post will let him see if it’s a good fit. Dr Donald Lewis will become interim head of Iowa State University’s extension Agriculture and Natural Resources program. He’s spent a quarter century teaching at ISU, answering bug questions from farmers, homeowners and gardeners. He thinks extension will remain, as he’s seen it change since he started 25 years ago and it’ll keep changing in the future. The emphasis on ag in the past has changed, as have the types of programs they do and the way extension programs are funded, and Lewis says those incremental changes help it keep its valuable place in society. Lewis says he looks forward to helping shape that future “in some little way.”