A gun show at the Iowa State Fairgrounds will run tomorrow through Sunday. Iowa dealer Leigh Wilcox stages several shows a year in Iowa and other states, and says Iowa law has a provision specifically to deal with gun-show sales of weapons. Wilcox explains that Iowa citizens can go to the sheriff of their county and get a permit to acquire guns, which the sheriff will grant after a background check that assures him the citizen doesn’t have a criminal record and can legally own a gun. Wilcox says a lot of people will attend the three-day gun show. Thousands, he claims, though of course the trade show will also include many other accessories and collectors’ items, as he says outdoor interests are popular in Iowa. Wilcox says he hasn’t seen much increase in gun sales as a result of concerns over security. He says there’s always knee-jerk reaction to horrendous actions, but he says it boils down to “good people don’t do bad things, bad people do, and we jave penitentiaries for bad people, a good place for them. The gun show is in the 4-H building at the Iowa State Fairgrounds from friday through Sunday.