Iowans who need to pick up a Christmas gift for that sports fan with black-and-gold in their veins might consider a first-of-its-kind Hawkeye football digital video disc. Mike Reese is owner of the company that’s producing the interactive D-V-Ds for the University of Iowa.Reese runs Atlas Technologies in Ames, which is creating similar D-V-Ds for Drake University and for the University of Northern Iowa. The Iowa Hawkeye discs contain video and audio highlights from -all- of this season’s games, interviews, profiles and behind-the-scenes footage. There’s also a highlight film on Heisman Trophy finalist Brad Banks. Reese says there are tons of player and team statistics.Reese says the D-V-D is reasonably priced and is certainly a lot cheaper than trying to make a trip with the Hawkeyes to the Orange Bowl in Miami.For more information, surf to “” or “”.