Cedar Rapids police are asking for the public’s help finding a car involved in a deadly hit-and-run over the weekend. A woman identified as 53-year-old Darlene Slaymaker of Cedar Rapids had just parked her car on 8th Avenue Southwest on Saturday afternoon when a sedan hit and killed her — and continued on. Police Captain Tom Erceg says Slaymaker’s car was hit too and parts fell off the suspect’s vehicle. He says those parts are being identified by a body shop but he won’t say much about the car.It’s believed the suspect’s vehicle is light-to-medium blue and is a 1980s passenger car, possibly a G-M product. Captain Erceg says there -are- witnesses out there who know the vehicle involved and who was driving it. Erceg is hoping someone will do the honest thing and come forward.The Cedar Rapids Crimestoppers line offers a one-thousand dollar reward for tips that lead to arrests and convictions. The number is 800-272-7463 and callers can remain anonymous, identified only by a code.