Last night was the first night of Kwanzaa, the seven-day African-Americancultural holiday. Adin Davis is organizing a series of events in the state’slargest city, one for each night of the celebration. Davis says families aregathering in community centers in Des Moines and across Iowa to learn abouttheir African heritage. Davis says the children will make crafts and playgames while the adults will discuss serious issues. Davis says there areseven themes, one for each day of Kwanzaa, that reflect seven basic valuesin African culture: unity, self-determination, responsibility, cooperativeeconomics, purpose, creativity and faith. He says it’s important forAfrican-Americans to come together during Kwanzaa to review their history ashe says they don’t really see themselves as citizens of the world becausethey’re mixed in with the rest of the people and have lost their culturalidentities. Davis says African-Americans need some time to celebrate theirrich heritage like other cultures do.Davis says Kwanzaa is -not-, as some critics say, anti-Christmas. He saysit’s just a chance for people of African heritage to celebrate their cultureand ethnicity.