No one’s come forward yet in Denison to say they’re the holder of thatwinning ticket to last night’s two-point-seven MILLION dollar “Hot Lotto”prize. The ticket was sold at the Hy-Vee in Denison. Todd Tetmeyer, storedirector of the Denison Hy-Vee, got a call at home from the store early thismorning after a fax came into the store from Lottery headquarters, tellingthe store it had sold the winning “Hot Lotto” ticket. Tetmeyer knew hewasn’t the winner, because he didn’t buy a ticket. But Tetmeyer says he washappy to learn one of his customers will be the jackpot winner. Tetmeyersays ticket sales are driven by how high the jackpots are. Tetmeyer sayssales of lottery tickets are “pretty brisk” this past week. “Hot Lotto” islike “Powerball,” but with easier odds and lower jackpots. As you’ve nodoubt heard, the winning ticket in the big “Powerball” game was sold in WestVirginia — and the holder of THAT ticket will claim a $315 MILLION prize –$112 MILLION after taxes. The name of the town in West Virginia where the”Powerball” ticket was sold — Hurricane.