The Iowa State Cyclones leave for Boise, Idaho, today for an appearance inthe December 31st Humanitarian Bowl against Boise State. This will give theCyclones a chance to erase the memories of a finish to the regular season inwhich they lost five of their last six games. Cyclone quarterback SenecaWallace spent the first half of the season as a leading contender for theHeisman but his numbers dropped against a difficult schedule. Wallace saysthe more he tried to force things down the stretch the more susceptible theybecame to turnovers. Wallace says he tried to make plays that weren’t thereand “stupid things happened.” Wallace says the players see this bowl game asa chance at redemption. Wallace says while the quarterback gets much of thecredit when an offense is clicking, he also must accept blame when things gobad.Wallace says things weren’t going the team’s way and they didn’t get tofinish the regular season strong, but now get a chance to play again. TheCyclones are 7-6.