Iowans who are looking to get themselves a nice tax break before the year’sout –and– who want to clear that clunker out of the driveway just need tomake one call. Diane Hagarty, executive director of the National KidneyFoundation of Iowa, says they’ll be glad to make the arrangements throughthe statewide “Kidney Cars” program. As long as Iowans have the title to thecar, they can call the 800-number and donate it to the Cedar Rapids-basedcharity. A tow truck will come haul it away if it’s not in runningcondition. Hagarty says the annual auto drive is the agency’s primaryfundraiser. The Kidney Foundation averages about 125 cars donated every yearwhich can net between 20- and 50-thousand dollars. Hagarty says it’s alittle surprising how many Iowans have “extra” cars which they want to getrid of. To donate a vehicle, call 800-488-CARS. All proceeds go to help thestate’s chapter of the Kidney Foundation pay for programs and services.