Iowa State led Boise State 10-7 at the halftime of Tuesday’s Humanitarian Bowl but like the season as a whole the second half fell apart. The 15th-ranked Broncos scored 27 second half points in a 34-16 win. After being 6-1 at one point, the Cyclones finish 7-7. The good news is that a majority of the two-deep return, including junior safety Lane Danielsen. Danielsen says he’s going to work as hard as he can to play winning Big 12 football next season. Danielsen says Iowa State, with one of its biggest senior classes ever, will have a “pretty good shot” next year. Boise State grabbed the momentum by scoring on its first two possessions of the second half. McCarney says Boise State played with a lot of confidence on their home field, where they’ve won 26 of their last 27 games. McCarney says Iowa State just couldn’t capitalize on mistakes, and Boise State did. McCarney says the lack of a running game was the Cyclones’ downfall. McCarney says he wants 62 players to put on weight between now and the start of spring football in March. “That’s not just sitting around eating Hostess Twinkies and eating mashed potatoes. We’ve got to get bigger and stronger.” McCarney says Iowa State’s “under-sized” at some positions and some guys should gain 30 pounds in the off-season.