(Miami)-Today is the start of a New Year, but some of the same old questions continue for Iowa quarterback Brad Banks. The senior Heisman Trophy runner-up continues to get asked if he views tomorrow’s Orange Bowl matchup as a chance to get back at Carson Palmer, the Heisman winner. Banks says it’s silly. “No, man,” Banks says, laughing. “It was fun while it was all going on, the Heisman race, that was a great experience, but now’s time to move on, get focused for this game.” Several Iowa defenders say they want a chance to put a hit on Carson and maybe knock him out like they’ve done to seven other quarterbacks this season. Banks says that’s just their nature, not some revenge to make him look better. Banks says this game is about two great teams matching up and not about who won the Heisman. Banks, a Florida natïve, is more worried about all the people asking him to get tickets for the game. “I turned my phone off, man. I was getting too many calls. It was getting ridiculous,” Banks says. The Hawkeyes will have a walk-through at Pro-Player Stadium today before tomorrow night’s kickoff.