The Cedar Rapids city council approved the first of three readings of an ordinance this week to get rid of a ban on fortune telling. The 82-year-old law made using clairvoyant powers illegal, but some critics say it could be an infringement on freedom of religion. Cedar Rapids native Roseanne Schwab is a psychic and says she was shocked to hear she was breaking the law when she used her powers in her hometown.Schwab and her sister, Bernadette, run Angelic Inspirations from the town of Crystal, Minnesota, working with police, the F-B-I and other federal agencies on national security issues, missing children cases, murder investigations and in solving other crimes. She says she’s encouraged Cedar Rapids is making the move to make psychics more accepted. She says they’re all gifted and it’s up to them to use their gifts in the right way.Schwab says everyone has special mental abilities but not everyone has learned to use them as she and her sister have. She says she can trace her gifts back through six generations of women.