Governor Tom Vilsack and the nation’s other Democrat governors are recommending an economic plan they say would provide a “jolt” to the U.S. economy.The Democratic Governors want a “temporary” tax cut to spur consumer spending, a rebate that’d amount to three-hundred-75 dollars for every American wage earner, even those who don’t pay income taxes.He says the rebate checks sent out last summer didn’t go to Americans who earn so little they don’t pay federal income taxes. Vilsack says low income seniors need financial help, too.The Governors propose giving low-income elderly 300 dollars over the next six months to help them make ends meet. As for younger workers, Vilsack says the extension of unemployment benefits the President signed yesterday doesn’t do enough to help. Vilsack says job benefits should resume for the one-million Americans who lost their jobs at the beginning of the recession but have dropped off unemployment already. Vilsack is vice chair of the Democratic Governors’ Association.