High winds are bringing problems of their own as Iowans adjust to more wintry weather. Scott Falb handles accident statistics for the D-O-T and says crosswinds are a real danger for drivers on the open road.You not only have to worry about open areas where you could get extra wind gusts, but calm areas where wind can change or swirl abruptly, like bridges, underpasses or farmsteads with windbreaks. Falb notes other vehicles can also add to the unpredictable forces of driving on a windy day. When you’re passed by trucks the swirling winds will be worsened and occasionally he’s seen cases where people were blown right off the road. In addition to being blown off the road, an unexpected gust of wind can make you over-correct, and swerving into oncoming traffic has caused head-on crashes. On a windy day, Falb says a driver has to remember in addition to control of the vehicle and other drivers, to watch out for objects tossed by the wind, in the countryside and around town. He says you have to watch out for light things like garbage cans.