A Davenport company is recalling thousands of kitchen pans it imported and soldThe double-walled frying pans, made in China, can overheat and explode. Innova Incorporated sold the frying pans in several styles and sizes under the name Ultrex Thermal Double Wall. The pan’s wall apparently can separate, or — the Consumer Product Safety Commission says it’s gotten 16 reports of the frying pans exploding, and some people burned by the hot food inside. They were a big success, especially after the Home Shopping cable-TV network picked up the pans and offered them to viewers from October 2001 through this past September, and in all eight-thousand have been sold. The shopping net’s joined Davenport’s Innova, Incorporated in cooperating with the recall by federal officials. Consumers can call Innova at 1-800-845-7447 and request a free replacementpan or contact the Home Shopping Network at www.hsn.com.