A fourth grader from Dike won the contest to draw the design for the Inaugural poster. Twenty-five schools across the state submitted posters, and the Governor, First Lady and Lieutenant Governor chose Nichole Thompson’s. Lieutenant Governor Sally Pederson says her entry spoke to the values of Iowa. Nicole’s entry is a map of the state of Iowa, with a note across that says “I hope that the college students will stay after graduation so Iowa can be a better place. My other hope for the future is that people can find jobs to support their families, and I hope that people will still be as helpful as they are today. Pederson says Nicole captured with words and images the things that are important about Iowa.Nicole and her fourth grade class have reserved seats at today’s Inaugural ceremony, and afterwards they’ll get to go to a private room and have their pictures taken with the Governor, First Lady and Lieutenant Governor. The poster’s being sold at Inaugural events today, and the money raised will benefit the Iowa Adoptive and Foster Parents Association. The other 24 posters submitted for the contest are on display today at the Iowa Statehouse.