Governor Tom Vilsack will take the oath of office this morning to start his second term. The Inaugural kicked off last night with a “Barn Dance” bash on the Iowa State Fairgrounds. All 700 tickets were snapped up, and folks ate barbeque and deviled eggs as part of a “Taste of Iowa” meal. This morning, Vilsack will deliver his Inaugural Address, his second major speech of the week, as he gave his Condition of the State message on Tuesday. He says he’s a little bit nervous, but says the speech will be similar to his Condition of the State speech.Vilsack, though, is most worried about the attention he and his wife will attract when they dance at the Inaugural Ball tonight.Vilsack isn’t comforted by the notion that everyone will be looking at his wife’s dress at the Inaugural Ball.Vilsack says when he steps on her toes and she says ‘ouch’ — “that’s not a good thing.” Vilsack’s sporting a new haircut for the Inaugural. The Roosevelt Barbershop in Des Moines has been the place where the past three Governors have had their hair cut, but Vilsack had driven back to Mount Pleasant to get his hair cut, until this week when he went to Rick at the Roosevelt Barbershop. This morning’s Inaugural Ceremony will be broadcast on many Radio Iowa stations and on the Internet at