Over a hundred Iowa veterans invaded the Statehouse today, calling on legislators to provide more state aid for veterans. Patrick Shannahan of Cedar Rapids, a veteran of the Korean War, is state commander of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. He says they come down every year and they’re always told that legislators don’t have any money. He says it’s time they get something they were promised long time ago. Shannahan says the state and federal governments promised to take care of those who served their country, and that promise isn’t being fulfilled. He says Iowa is probably one of the worst states in the nation for taking care of veterans. Bill Des Planque of Newton is among the throng. Des Planque says their message to the legislature is that veterans vote, and they want to try to “get something out of it.”Des Planque says legislators say there’s not enough money for more veterans benefits, but he says that’s not a good enough answer.