Iowans are paying more to heat their homes this winter, mostly because the price of natural gas and heating oil is rising. Department of Natural Resources energy analyst Jennifer Moehlmann is an energy analyst says heating oil prices have gone up most significantly.Moehlmann says if you use heating oil, you’ll pay about 43 percent more to heat your home this season. She estimates that’ll tack about $279 more. Heating oil prices are increasing because the price of crude oil has jumped 61 percent due to tensions about a possible war in the Gulf region and the strike in Venezula. Mohlmann says only five percent use heating oil to warm their homes.About 65 percent of Iowa homes are heated with natural gas. Moehlmann says Iowans who use natural gas will spend an average of $200 more this winter. Moehlmann says that 34 percent increase is a combination of higher fuel prices and greater usage since this will be a colder winter than last year. Natural gas prices this year are still about 15 percnet lower than during the record winter of 2000/2001. Fourteen percent of Iowans use propane to heat their home, and they’re seeing a 20 percent jump in fuel costs.