Iowa Congressman Leonard Boswell recently returned from a trip with other U-S House members to China. Boswell says it was the largest official U-S delegation to every visit the country. He says one of the key issues they discussed was trade.He says they talked about how the Chinese subsidize exported corn when they have people they need to be feed. He says they also talked about the hundred BILLION dollar trade deficit between the U-S and China. Boswell says the talk was straightforward on what has to happen with the trade deficit.He says they told the Chinese the U-S can’t sustain the trade deficit, nor does it intend to. Boswell, a democrat, says he also talked about dropping barriers to the U-S financial industry. He says a Des Moines based company is poised to do business in China.He says Principal Financial has been blocked from doing business in China, and he’s not sure why. There has been tension between the two governments, but Boswell says his delegation was treated well as they met with the president, vice president and various other Chinese officials. He says they didn’t discuss Taiwan or the U-S spy plane that was forced down by the Chinese a few years ago. Boswell says the dropping of trade barriers could help other industries based in Iowa, such as John Deere and its agricultural equipment.