Two eastern Iowa men died Saturday apparently after getting trapped under the ice while scuba diving at a quarry in Cedar County. Authorities say the men had jumped fences and ignored “No Trespassing” signs at the rock quarry near Lowden, cut holes in the snow-covered ice and entered the frigid water. One of their girlfriends called 9-1-1 after the men were long overdue. Cedar County Sheriff Daniel Hannes (haines) says it’s not clear if the men couldn’t find the way out, ran out of air or simply got too cold. Autopies are expected to be performed today in Cedar Rapids. Sheriff Hannes says it was a very difficult chore to find the bodies as the divers made several attempts before calling off the search.Air temperatures were in the teens Saturday night and wind chills were well below zero. Hannes says the men were breaking the law and had apparently gone diving at the private quarry many times. The victims are identified as 31-year-old Kevin Peterson of Long Grove and 30-year-old Tracy Humphreys of Calamus.