The Center for Rural Affairs will host a regional committee meeting tomorrow (Thursday) in Storm Lake. The center’s Jeff Fiegenschuh says it’s new at the Center to try expanding its grassroots base in Iowa, so a group of local people will serve as advisors from that part of the state — northwest Iowa, in this case, — helping advocate on behalf of small family farmers and rural agribusinesses. The local committees won’t be lobbying bodies, and Fiegenschuh says though they may encourage individuals to write or call a local lawmaker, the committees don’t come with a built-in bias.He explains that means no ideological bent and Republicans, Democrats, Independents, liberals, conservatives, anyone who supports the family farm, small-business development, small communities and rural schools is welcome. He hopes people will meet others in northwest Iowa and talk with them, turn up new resources and potential leaders who haven’t been involved up to now in talking over issues and coming up with grassroots solutions. The meeting’s Thursday evening at the public library in Storm Lake. The Center for Rural Affairs is based in Walthill, Nebraska.