Congressman Jim Leach of Iowa City once worked for the man who’s at the center of planning for a possible war against Iraq. Leach worked as a graduate student intern for Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld when Rumsefeld was a Congressman, and then Leach was a special assistant to Rumsfeld when he was named to Nixon’s cabinet.Leach says Rumsfeld has undergone some transitions with age, as Rumsfeld was a bit more cheerful when he was a Congressman. Leach says Rumsfeld is now a remarkable “institutional leader.” Leach says he’s as good an orchestrator of decisions as anyone, and is a big picture person who doesn’t take his eye off the ball. Leach says ironically, Rumsfeld was considered one of the weakest cabinet-level officers in the early months of Bush’s Administration because he was challenging old concepts. Leach says Rumsfeld has risen to the challenges presented in the post-9/11 era as the things Rumsfeld stood for were vindicated.Leach says Rumsfeld, with his “frisky manner,” has captured the time and done exceptionally well. Rumsfeld has earned a reputation as one of Bush’s closest advisors, and his media briefings have been a hit on cable t-v because of his sharp wit. Leach in his younger days worked in the same Rumsfeld office as Dick Cheney, who’s now Vice President.