A 21-year-old from southwest Iowa who says he engaged in an armed standoff with police so they’d shoot him to death has been found guilty of a variety of crimes. Drew Young told the court he’d discovered a fascination with kiddie porn off the internet that made him suicidal. Early the morning of last April fifth, he went to a girlfriend’s house armed and her folks called 911. Responding to that call, a Mills County deputy and Glenwood police officer pursued Young and he shot at them. Court Clerk Berkely Greenwood says the judge found Young not guilty the charge of burglary of the girlfriend’s home.The court found the defendant guilty of attempted murder, of assault with intent to inflict serious injury, and willful injury while going armed with a dangerous weapon. The deputy lost part of his thumb when Young fired at him in his squad car, and shot windows out of both cars. Young’s father arrived and finally talked him into giving himself up.