University of Northern Iowa accounting students are testing a new test that’s used to certify accounts. Gerald Smith is the head of the UNI accounting department.He says the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy is revising the test for new accountants — including computerizing the test. Smith says the test has also been upgraded considerably. He says the work has changed considerably for entry level c-p-a’s. Smith says students at several universities, including UNI, are taking the test.He says that allows the association to test the validity of the test, and it benefits students by letting them see how the test works before they take it a year from now. Smith says 80 to 85-thousand potential c-p-a’s will take the test every year.He says the test will also benefit the people who hire accountants as the new test is intended to help new c-p-a’s better serve the people who use their services. Smith says some six to seven hundred students take the c-p-a test in Iowa every year, around 100 of those are at UNI. Some UNI students took the test Friday and others are taking it today.