Problems in the U-S tax code need to be fixed to help men and women serving in the military, according to Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley, who says they’re not getting a fair shake. Grassley says National Guard members and Reservists are often stuck paying for their travel, food and lodging expenses for weekend drills. Grassley says his bill would establish an above-the-line deduction for unreimbursed travel expenses so reservists aren’t put in the position of subsidizing their own military training. Grassley says the bill would exclude from taxable income the six-thousand dollar death benefit paid to a surviving spouse of a soldier killed while on active duty. He says the bill would also exclude from income child care benefits provided to military personnel.Grassley says the legislation is especially important as the nation considers the possibility of war involving both enlisted members of the military and reservists, both of whom would benefit, he says, under the military tax fairness bill.