A movie that was filmed entirely in Iowa during the fall of 2000 will be shown tonight in Marshalltown so the people who helped make it possible get a chance to see it — free — before it hits theatres. Writer/director Katherine Lindberg says her film called “Rain” is a story of redemption in the American heartland. It’s a dark Midwestern tragedy about a woman who kills her husband and goes about concealing the crime. It was shot in State Center, Marshalltown, Cambridge and several surrounding rural areas. Lindberg is a New Yorker but has some important Iowa ties and that’s why she came here to make the film.Lindberg’s grandparents all lived in the Quad Cities-area and she’d come to Iowa on road trips frequently when she was growing up. She says it had a big impact on her imagination and as she was writing her script, “there was no other place to set it except for here.” Lindberg used many Iowans as extras in the film and in a variety of departments — from set security to set decorating to animal wrangling.Screenings of “Rain” will be held at 5 and 7 PM tonight at the Plaza Five Theatres in Marshalltown. Lindberg says most of the free tickets have already been given away, but given the weather and driving conditions, she says there will likely be some available seats. She says she’s currently working with a distributor and hopes the film will be showing in theatres nationwide soon.