It seems like every day we get word of another division, battalion or troop of National Guard or Reserve soldiers being called to active duty as the U.S. gears up for possible war with Iraq. The Guard’s Colonel Robert King says reservists don’t know how soon a call may come, or how long they may have to prepare to head out to active duty. More than 1000 people called up since 9-11 have already served and been released, including those who did airport security last year. King says there are probably another thousand Iowans on active duty right now, and yet another thousand who have been notified, or alerted that they might be called to active duty. Some calls recently have come up within hours, not giving enough time for some people to take care of things at home. Colonel King says people should make sure healthcare is lined up for their families, and arrangements made for their belongings to be stored and taken care of. They work hard at Guard Headquarters to provide services like access to JAGs, lawyers, healthcare and insurance people. But without a will, civil law or court decisions will manage how their belongings are disposed of and who cares for their children. King says reservists owe it to their families, employers and themselves to make arrangements ahead of time in case they do get the call.