Forest City-based Winnebago Industries is the top-selling motor home manufacturer for the second straight year. Winnebago sold over 10-thousand-750 motor homes last year, taking over 20-percent of the market share. Winnebago Vice President of sales and marketing Roger Martin says his workforce is happy to be on top once again.He credits a “very well run” company and great employees for allowing the company to attain such a lofty position. Martin says sales continue to be high despite a tough economy. He says the “R-V lifestyle” allows people to get out and do what they want. And he says the number of baby-boomers hitting 50, their key market, continues to increase dramatically. Gas prices have gone up as the war with Iraq looms, but Martin says high gas prices don’t have that big an impact on the motor home industry. He says people still travel by r-v when gas prices go up, they just don’t travel as far, so the impact of high gas prices aren’t as big as you might think. Martin is confident Winnebago has everything in place to keep the company moving ahead. Along with Winnebago’s headquarters plant in Forest City, the company has plants in Hampton, Charles City, and Lorimor.