A group that failed to get the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission to turn down the gambling license renewal for the Bluffs Run Casino in Council Bluffs is now trying its luck in court. Tim Reid, an attorney for the Iowa Liberty Justice Center, says they filed suit today in Polk County after the commission renewed the license for Bluffs Run last month.He says they’re asking the court to revoke the license. Reid says the sale of the casino by the non-profit license holder violated Iowa law. He says the Iowa West Association still owns the license and slot machines as required, but he says the law also states the license holder has to be the “true” owner of the enterprise. He says the management contract signed with Harrah’s with the sale violates that provision. Reid says the Iowa West Association gave over all control of the casino over to Harrah’s.He says they were paid 165 million dollars for every physical asset of Bluffs Run, except for the license and slot machines. Reid says they believe the Iowa West agreement is skirting the law. He says Iowa West retains no authority or ability to make any business decisions for Bluffs run. The original appeal of the license was made to the Racing and Gaming Commission through Robert Miller of Muscatine. The Iowa Liberty and Justice Center is providing him the legal representation to carry the case to court. Reid says Iowa West has 20 days to answer the lawsuit filing, and then the justices will take it up.