A man wanted for murder in Tennessee was arrested last night in Iowa’s capital city. Des Moines police stopped the car on a minor infraction, illegally tinted windows, and questioned the driver — but it was the passenger who ended up attracting more attention. Officers ran the man’s I.D. and found he was wanted for murder in Memphis. 24-year-old Patrick Harris was immediately taken into custody without incident. Police Sergeant Bruce Elrod says they’d gotten a tip that led them to Harris. Sergeant Elrod says Harris had been living in Des Moines under an assumed name.Police say both people were carrying drugs, marijuana and cocaine, so Harris is being held on the murder warrant and on possession with intent to deliver. 32-year-old Jennifer Wilkinson of Des Moines also faces a drug charge. In addition, Harris is held on charges of being a fugitive from justice and is being held without bond in the Polk County Jail as the process of extradition is begun.