Two women from north-central Iowa are organizing an effort to meet the needs of military families. Ronda Jordal says “Midwest Moms” will aim to offer information and encouragement to military families and to the soldiers themselves. She says it’s a support for the people left behind, because so many are in the same boat with similar feelings and fears. It’s also something to keep those worried families busy, Jordal says. The Forest City woman has three reasons to keep busy herself.Jordal’s brother Patrick is in Germany on standby for any orders, her brother Michael is in Kuwait now, and her son Steven has been deployed with the 101st Airborne Air Assault unit, and they don’t know yet where he’ll be going. Jordal went down to the commander at the one-hundred-and-first, and asked the First Sergeant what the soldiers overseas will need from their families and friends back home.She says he told them the troops need postage, sunscreen and lip balm, moist towelettes and “anything homemade.” Would-be donors can contribute simple things that will be welcomed by the thirsty troops, Jordal says. Hard candies, things that won’t melt in the desert heat, dried soup mixes and “designer” flavored instant coffees, anything that’s “more than just plain water.” Heightened security means it’ll be tougher for the “Midwest Moms” to send things directly to the troops, and Jordal says they don’t want contributions of money but people can send phone cards or postage. Everything else will come directly from corporations. Jordal explains that way, the organizers don’t have to worry about where it came from or security concerns, but can simply take the manufacturer containers and repack the products into boxes of fifty, enough items for an individual unit. Jordal and her friend Barb Snitzer, also of Forest City, are coordinating the repacking and sending off all the items that people offer. Jordal says Congressman Tom Latham’s office is working to get addresses and A-P-O numbers that will help the “Midwest Moms” send items to the servicepeople. Donors who want to items to be forwarded to the troops can get more information and contact the organizers via email at [email protected].