Des Moines police are looking for an unusual car thief. Sergeant Tony Steverson says the man asks to test drive a car from a car dealership, drives away, and never returns the car. The man then takes the car to another dealership, leaves it there, and drives away with another car. Steverson says the man has repeated the process at least four times. Steverson says the man took the first car at a dealership in Omaha, drove it to a Des Moines dealership and left it after getting another car to take on an alleged test drive. Steverson says they’re not sure what the man’s motive is, other than a joy ride. And they’re not sure if he’s working alone, but they only have information now on one suspect. Steverson describes the suspect as an Hispanic man in his 20s or 30s, about six foot tall with what the cop says is “a rough looking face.”