Congressman Leonard Boswell, a retired career military man, says he may view developments in Iraq a little differently than his peers in Congress who’ve never been through a war. Boswell flew helicopter rescue missions in Vietnam and later served as an instructor of military tactics.Boswell says he finds himself thinking “what it’s like to be standing there in the shoes of the men and women” who’re getting ready for combat. He says it’s hard not to reflect on those feelings.Boswell says the troops on the line are going through “a terrible amount of anxiety” but they’re “well-trained, have good leaders and good equipment” and he says “they’ll do well.” Boswell says he’s been thinking about his second tour of duty in Vietnam and flying on planes with new troops who would ask him what battle was like. Boswell says “there’s nothing that can fully prepare you for the realities” of military combat. Boswell says “it’s past the time to discuss how we got to this position,” as war has started and now’s the time to support the troops and their families.