A town hall meeting on the future of Social Security is scheduled to start at 7:30 this morning in Bettendorf. Corey Davison, Midwest regional director of the Concord Coalition, will be among the panelists leading the discussion. Davison expects heavy attendance by Quad Cities business leaders. Davison says “We’ll also have members of the community including senior citizens who may have a pretty different view on issues than some of the (people who support) individual accounts.” He says he rarely encounters anyone under 40 years old who believes the Social Security system will be up and running when they need it, decades from now.If nothing is done with the current Social Security system, Davison says “it will erode over time into a program that will not keep seniors out of poverty…and it will also be a pretty heavy tax burden on families that are trying to get by and save for their own retirement future.” Davison says the “lynchpin” of this morning’s discussion will likely be on whether Social Security should be altered to enable individuals to decide how their money will be invested, instead of letting the government do it all for us.The town hall meeting is expected to run from 7:30 to 9 AM at Jumer’s Castle Lodge in Bettendorf.