The Marshalltown City Council has voted to fire their city administrator amidst allegations council decisions about the firing were made in secret meetings not open to the public. Marshalltown resident Kenny Lamb says it makes no sense to fire the city administrator and give him six-months severance pay. Marshalltown city administraot Ed Geick received a positive review from city leaders just five months ago, and council members who voted to fire him didn’t cite a reason during their public meeting on Monday. Marshalltown City Councilman Mike Miller voted to keep the city administrator, saying the firing would send a bad message to city workers, and harm morale. Meanwhile, a “confidential city memo” leaked to Marshalltown radio station K-F-J-B showed two women who’re Marshalltown city employees have complained about Marshalltown City Councilman Eric Fruin, who they say has justified paying women workers less because “women leave work to have children.” Fruin says his vote to fire the city administrator was not linked to the controversy over who leaked that memo.