A state Senate committee has voted to give Iowans who’re on active duty an income tax break. Senator Chuck Larson, a republican from Cedar Rapids, says exempting military pay from income taxes is the least the state can do for Iowa’s servicemen and women. Any income a soldier earns overseas or in the U.S. after January 2003 would be exempt from tax. Nearly 4000 Iowa troops have been mobilized since September 11. Senator Steve Warnstadt, a democrat from Sioux City, has been pressing for the bill. In addition, Warnstadt has been working on legislation that would give soldier called to active duty vouchers for family counseling once they return, full tuition reimbursement for unfinished college classes, and an extension on filing state taxes. Both Warnstadt and Larson have a personal interest in the issue. Warnstadt is in the National Guard. Larson is in the Army Reserve.