Iowa Senator Tom Harkin took time out today to remember Bradley Korthaus, the Iowa marine who died in Iraq. He says Sergeant Korthaus’ body was recovered last night in an Iraqi canal where he drowned while setting up mortars to protect U.S. troops. Harkin says service men and women put much on the line in trying to carry out their duty, and he says “today Iowa mourns the first of our own lost in this conflict.” The 28-year-old Korthaus was a Davenport native. He says sergeant Korthaus died in service to our nation, and will be remembered “as a hero to his family, friends and all Americans.” Harkin, a democrat, says he’ll support the first bill to fund the war effort believes it will get support from others as well. He says the president has requested about 75-billion dollars, which Harkin calls just the first downpayment. Harkin sits on a subcommittee that deals with Homeland Security, and says the president’s request of four-billion dollars for Homeland Security isn’t enough.He says he’ll work to increase the money for Homeland Security to about 10-billion dollars. While he supports the war funding request, Harkin says he’s against the Senate budget plan because it includes tax cuts. He says the tax cuts won’t do anything to stimulate the economy, and says it’s “irresponsible” to pass tax cuts until we know what the war will cost. Harkin says the budget passed the Senate along party lines and he says it’ll likely stay that way throughout the process.