Temperature records fell across the state today, and Iowans were shedding clothing and seeking relief. Kelly Graham works at the Dairy Queen in Muscatine. She had a long, hard day at work, but says she has plenty of those. She says sometimes they sell more ice cream in winter than summer, and being from Mississippi she’s asked people — who tell her it “warms them up.” Graham was asked what’s the most popular item at an ice-cream stand on a hot spring day. She says malts and Blizzards are the top ice-cream items, but they sell a lot of cheeseburgers and chicken baskets, with “quite a few” regulars who come by the DQ every day. Friday and Saturdays are often so bad, Kelly says she comes in at eleven and after what seems like five minutes, her shift is over, she’s been so busy — though she says it depends on whether special events are going on in Muscatine, too.