The calendar now reads “April” and it’s a wake-up call to many Iowans that federal tax deadline day is fast-approaching. Jeff Strawhacker, a C-P-A from West Des Moines, says there are a few minor changes in this year’s tax laws that Iowans need to be aware of, dealing with educational expenses in particular.Strawhacker has been a certified public accountant for 20 years. He says he’s well-prepared for the many procrastinating clients who are not so well-prepared for the arrival of April 15th. He says his life’s about to get a lot busier, but he’s used to the late rush by people looking to get their taxes done. He says the advent of filing one’s tax returns electronically has significantly improved the annual chore. The state Department of Revenue and Finance predicts about one in every seven Iowans will e-file their tax returns this year.