The annual student-run celebration known as “Veishea” officially kicks off today on the Iowa State University campus in Ames. Hannah Dobbs is one of the over 300 students who’ve worked the past year to put the event together.The theme this year is “Iowa State on Display,” which was the theme of the first event 81 years ago. Veishea was created to show off the colleges at the university, and the name comes from the letters of each college. Dobbs says they’re trying to do things this year to show what the university has to offer. She says they have displays set up all over campus in what’s called the “Veishea Village.” Veishea has a rich history as a time for alums and supporters of I-S-U to return and celebrate the institution. It also has an equally illustrious troubled past that included, drunkeness, riots and arrests. Dobbs says they continue working to recultivate the original purpose of the event. She says it takes time to change peoples’ attitudes about the event, but she believes they’re making progress. Veishea was moved to earlier in the spring after past problems, and that created weather trouble. But, Dobbs says things look good this year. She says the weekend weather hasn’t been so nice the past two weekends, but they’re looking forward to good weather this year. One of the biggest events of the weekend is tomorrow’s parade.The parade begins at 10:40 in the morning. Dobbs says four to five thousand people annually attend the Veishea parade. The opening ceremonies are today at 12:15 p.m. south of the campanile.