A handful of lawmakers plan to meet with County Auditors on Tuesday to review a bill that would make sweeping changes in the way property taxes are calculated. House G-O-P members have crafted a bill that bases property taxes on the market value and square footage of a home, business, or farm as a means of not punishing property owners for making improvements like a new bathroom. But Republican Representative Danny Carroll of Grinnell says they’re willing to consider other ideas, too Carroll says he doesn’t want to give anyone the impression that they’re “locked into” their proposal and won’t accept any amendments. He says they had to have something to start with.Carroll says he’s intrigued by an idea he heard Friday from one County Assessor. Carroll says maybe there’s an opportunity to come with something that’s even better than what a working group of Republican legislators has devised. The House Ways and Means tax-writing Committee will review the proposal today. A five-member subcommittee met Friday morning for two hours to discuss details of the bill, surrounded by 50 lobbyists and legislative staff members.