Iowa livestock producers who are having trouble with coyotes might benefit from a video being marketed by a rancher in next-door Nebraska. The call of the wild may actually be the call of Randy Anderson. The Butte rancher says he’s perfected a variety of coyote calls and others to draw the animals in so they can be shot. He says he hunts the predatory coyotes because they kill many of his livestock and area wildlife from rabbits to deer.Coyote pelts were bringing about 22-dollars each last year. Anderson says the handheld calls are easy to make and they’re homemade, while others are electronic and come at the press of a button.Anderson says many of the calls are made in a friend’s garage. They make it easier to draw in and kill the killer coyotes. Anderson say his two-hour video, “Calling All Coyotes,” is the nation’s number-one selling predator hunting video. Much of the footage comes from his rifle-mounted videocamera. For details, surf to “”. The Iowa D-N-R says coyote hunting is permitted year-round.