A state lawmaker is calling for a formal review of Iowa State men’s basketball coach Larry Eustache’s post-game activities at an all-night drinking party in Missouri earlier this year.Republican Representative Scott Raecker (rack-er) of Urbandale says the I-S-U Administration and the Board of Regents should conduct a thorough investigation, find out exactly what happened, and then take any necessary, appropriate action. Pictures and a published account indicate Eustache partied with college co-eds ’til the early morning hours after an Iowa State game at Missouri. Raecker says “that’s not the type of activity and behavior that we should see from any public employee or any public servant in this state.” Raecker says Eustache’s contract calls for him to represent the university both in both his public and private life. Raecker, a Grinnell College grad, says public servants have to adhere to a higher standard of behavior, especially for individuals like Eustache who deal with young people. Raecker says he got several phone calls yesterday from Iowans asking what the legislature would do in response to Eustache’s behavior, and Raecker says it’s up to the Board of Regents that governs Iowa State to respond. Yesterday, Governor Vilsack said Eustache should be embarassed by his actions and has “some apologizing to do.”