Iowa Congressman Jim Leach says the United States should adopt a policy of negotiation rather than confrontation with North Korea in attempting to find a solution to that country’s push to become a nuclear power. Leach says there’s no part of the world that understands the rest of the world less well than North Korea, and there’s no country in the world that the country understands less well than we do North Korea. Leach, a republican, says North Korea is one of the last Stalinist regimes and practices isolation. He says their leadership doesn’t watch CNN every day like the Iraqis did and he says they have no desire to give up their nuclear weapons for a stronger economy. While U.S. troops haven’t found many weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, he says we’ll keep searching.He says there doesn’t seem to be as many weapons as suspected, but he says they have come across some. Leach says his bigger concern is the potential for biological weapons. He says biological weapons are substantially more dangerous than chemical weapons and possibly more dangerous than nuclear ones.