Iowa State basketball coach Larry Eustachy says he will not resign. Eustachy held a news conference in Ames two days after the Des Moines Register published photos of the coach at an all-night party on the Missouri campus after the Cyclones loss to the Tigers. Eustachy appologized to the governor, Board of Regents, the athletic director, the university president, the faculty and the students. He says words can’t express the remorse he’s brought on everybody. At a news conference arraged by his attorney, Eustachy announced he has a drinking problem. He says he decided to tell his story all the way to the point that he got on an airplane sober for the firs time in 25 years. Eustachy says he has been seeking help for the past few weeks. Eustachy would not say whether he was asked to resign. He only said he would not resign, he says “it’s not my way and I won’t.” Eustachy repeatedly refused to answer if he’d been asked to resign.Eustachy says he will do whatever it takes to keep his job, to right what he has done and earn a second chance. Eustachy’s wife Stacy appeared with the coach to voice her support. She says she loves her husband and he’s a good man and has a good heart. She asked that her husband be given a second chance.