The controversy surronding the Iowa State basketball program has Cyclone fans sounding off. Bill Seals is editor of Cyclone Nation Magazine and Cyclone Nation-dot-com. He says reaction on the web site’s message board was swift following athletic director Bruce Vande Velde’s announcement that he was firing head coach Larry Eustachy. He says he’s surprised the reaction has been strongly in favor of Eustachy and not more split.Eustachy became the subject of humor nationally after widely published pictures showed him at an all night drinking party on the Missouri campus after the Cyclones’ lost this past season. Despite the ridicule, Seals says the coach has garnered support on the web site he says some users have posted petitions to keep the coach.Seals says the web site traffic is higher than normal, the most traffic since signing day.Eustachy can request an appeal but Seals feels that would be just a formality. He says he can’t imagnine any scenario where he remains coach of ISU.