Iowans who find their homes a little emptier than they’d prefer might consider bringing home a new best friend from the nearest animal shelter. This is Pet Adoptathon weekend. Emily Clayton, spokeswoman for the Animal Rescue League of Iowa, says it’s not an expensive proposition. People can adopt dogs or cats for 85-dollars, which includes spaying or neutering, the first worming and vaccinations, a collar and I-D tag, and microchipping — a permanent form of identification. Clayton says pets can add a lot of light to a life, but it’s not a decision to take lightly. She says having a pet is a “lifetime commitment” — for the life of the animal. Clayton says don’t get caught up in the moment and adopt a pet unless you and your family are prepared. Since the first Pet Adoptathon in 1995, the annual event has saved the lives of more than 125-thousand animals. While the Animal Rescue League is based in Des Moines, animal shelters, Humane Society offices and S-P-C-As across Iowa are holding adoption events this weekend.