A group called “ACES” claims that 657-million dollars in child-support payments is not making it to kids. Gerri Jensen is founder of the Association for Children for Enforcement of of Support. She says the government seems to be the deadbeat, with more than 656-million dollars collected that’s being withheld by states rather than given to families in two days as she says law requires. State governments in recent years have started improving their collection process after realizing they’re paying welfare for families not supported by those deadbeat parents. But Jensen says once money’s collected by government it doesn’t go promptly to families in too many cases. Though Jensen charges the money is “illegally withheld,” she admits at least half the funds are simply delayed by rules in the support system. Some is listed as being held because courts ordered it held, other money’s not paid because agencies cannot find the custodial parent to give it to, because of things like a change of address. Money withheld from federal income tax must be held for six months in case a new spouse claims it. But Jensen says rules that delay payments are not the only problem. The group found that in addition to the 656-million being delayed, another 212-million is missing and unaccounted for by state government. She says that includes categories like “other,” or the computer not processing it right. The group’s giving an award of recognition to Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley today (Monday) for investigating why there are delays in the child-support collection and payment system.