The disagreement of who is the tribal leader of the Meskwaki Nation brought protests in Marshalltown on Wednesday outside a Wells Fargo Bank branch. The tribal members say they were upset the bank released a reported 300-thousand dollars in tribal money to Alex Walker Junior to pay legal fees. Walker is the tribal chairman, chosen in the last election. Rhonda Pushetonequa, spokesperson for the protestors, says they were concerned Walker was allowed to get the money despite a federal court order prohibiting that action.Pushetonequa says tribal members have lost faith in the bank. At the heart of the matter is who has the authority between the two factions and tribal members aren’t sure what can be done next. Negotiations between the two councils were held last weekend but ended Monday. Challengers have been trying to recall elected tribal leaders since September. Pushetonequa says a tribal election is set for late May.A federal court refused to intervene in the matter and said the two groups should settle it themselves. While that is being attempted, the Meskwaki casino and hotel in Tama remain open for business.