Just in time for Mother’s Day, the Social Security Administration has released the list of last year’s most popular names given to new babies. Jacob was the number-one name given to newborn boys, and Iowa’s the same — 477 boys born last year in the Hawkeye State will be Jakes. The name is followed by Tyler, Austin, Zachary and Nicholas, the rest of Iowa’s top five most popular names for boys in 2002. Parents took the same classical turn in naming their girls, the number-one first name being Madison followed by Emily, Hannah, Emma and Alexis. All but Emma are on the national top-ten list of most popular baby names last year, which also included Elizabeth AND Taylor. Social Security tracks baby names and reminds parents of newborns to sign them up early since they need that number for the blessed little tax deduction now. “Socialsecurity-dot-gov” not only gives you the state-by-state breakdown, it’ll let you track the popularity of any name over years. Bob, for example, slowly sunk from number thirteen to thirty from 1991 through last year, and Stella has relatively soared in popularity — to 641st place.